3 reasons

3 reasons

Are you sick and tired of seeing your same old company logo staring back at you day after day?
Are you bored with the monotonous repetition of seeing it printed everywhere, on letterhead, online, on business cards, on shirts?
Is it always constant and ever present?

Well here’s the thing: boredom with your logo is not a good reason to update it.

In fact, consistency and repetition are actually good things for a brand. So, just because you’re tired of looking at it doesn’t mean your customers are over-exposed to it.
However, read on for three perfectly good reasons that a logo update may be in order for you.

Your orange and brown may have been really popular colors when you first had the logo designed, but today, those colors are more reminiscent of your mom’s shag kitchen décor than the cutting edge company that you are. If you’re logo is outdated, a fresh look could bring renewed vibrancy and excitement to your brand.

Well, maybe not you personally, but certainly if your company’s products, services, target market, or mission statement have changed. At its core, the logo should illustrate who you are as a company. Your logo serves as a first introduction to your company and it should leave a lasting impression.

Either literally or electronically. If you’re physically moving then it may be a good time to review your company branding. After all, you already have to print new letterhead, business cards, signage and other materials, why not review your brand while you’re at it?
If you are moving online, it can also be time to consider a logo update. Let’s say you’ve been a brick and mortar business, and you’ve decided to foray into the online world. How does your logo and branding translate to an online environment? Is it easy to recognize on a computer screen? Does it still represent the business?

Logo updates can have reinvigorating effects on customers and employees and can add a fresh vitality to your business.
Here are some samples of how logos from well none companies have evolved over the years: